Chelsea FC – Thibaut Courtois Unwilling To Be No.2 Behind Petr Cech


Thibaut Courtois joined the Blues back in 2011, but has been on loan at Atletico Madrid since then. His loan was renewed in the summer for one more season and recently there have been a lot of speculations regarding his future at Chelsea. The 21-year-old is undoubtedly one of the most talented young custodians in Europe at the moment and he has already been linked with both Barcelona and Real Madrid.
Despite his wonderful performances for the Spanish club there are still doubts about whether he will replace Petr Cech immediately as the club’s no.1. Chelsea might have to make a decision soon regarding the future of both these goalkeepers and it seems unlikely that both of them will be at the club next season.
Courtois is too ambitious to play second fiddle to Petr Cech at the club and his father Thierry Courtois has now revealed in an interview that the Belgium international has settled wonderfully at Atletico Madrid
“Every week he dazzles us He makes big games and his team continues to amaze and make good results, in part, thanks to him. This is a big success. it goes beyond our expectations.
“He is well adapted to the country. He is very happy. He does not bother about tomorrow. Plays it game by game and works every day to improve. He is happy to be appreciated by his teammates and the staff. He was greeted arm opened. Success does not change him and he remains the same as he was as 12-year-old kid. He simply tries to erase all the negative points.
“He knows that he must enjoy the present moment as he can be injured at any time. This calls into question every week and analyses his poorer performance. He accepts discussion and shares his experiences with me. There is always this impression that nothing affects him. He has a huge trust in his ability. ” – Courtois Sr said in an interview.
He also insisted that it is unlikely that either Petr Cech or Thibaut Courtois will settle for the number spot in the team and that they will now negotiate his return to the club with Jose Mourinho.
“José Mourinho said he expects him at Chelsea. So we will negotiate his return to Chelsea. For now, we expect to discuss with them. Chelsea have a good goalkeeper in Cech, so cohabitation with both is not possible. Alternating between the two is possible on paper but this is not what we want. This is not a situation we want. As of now, it is impossible he goes to a club to be the number 2. And the conclusion is the same for Petr Cech.” – He added.
Thierry Courtois also rubbished rumours of any contact with Barcelona and Real Madrid regarding a transfer.
“Barça keeper in the future will apparently be Ter Stegen so there was never any question of Thibaut signing with them. There was never any contact between Barca and us, or between Real and us.” – he concluded in his interview.

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