Manchester United - Transition Or Rebuilding?

The arrival of Juan Mata has not brought the expected bounce to Manchester United as expected. We can’t lay all of this at Mata’s feet though; United have now got back, both Robin Van Persie and Wayne Rooney and still there is not much improvement.

Many have long believed that David Moyes was the wrong choice to replace Sir Alex Ferguson as manager. But then again, when a legend hand picks you as his successor, it is hard to say no. Moyes can be secure in the fact that he has the backing of Ferguson and as long as Sir Alex is sitting in the owner’s box, a new manager replacing Moyes is very unlikely at this point. So where does United go from here?

Moyes has money to spend but are there any quality players out there that are willing to come to a team that is in a transitional phase or dare we say; Rebuilding! United’s problems at midfield have been written about far and wide. Mata was brought in to fill the central midfielder role but Moyes continues to play him on the wing and drop Rooney back into that position. If United have one thing, it is an over abundance of wingers, so why is Mata playing out there?

If rumors are true, United are expected to be cleaning house this summer but will they be able to find the quality to replace those players that will be off loaded. It is not only house cleaning that is to take place but rumors are coming fast and furious that the before mentioned Van Persie and Javier Hernandez are looking to move away. But are they the only ones?

The back line is in shambles with no one person standing up and taking charge. Nemanja Vidic has already said he will be moving this summer and Rio Ferdinand is nothing more than a bit player at this point of his career. Patrice Evra has been rumored to also be on the move and Jonny Evans is not the world class player that a team like United can put in charge at the back. That leaves us with Phil Jones and Chris Smalling.

Just a couple years ago, Jones and Smalling were touted to be the replacements for Vidic and Ferdinand but Jones can’t stay healthy for more than a few fixtures at a time and Smalling has become a utility player filling in just about everywhere.

With teams like Chelsea, PSG, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, to name a few, having the money, prestige and “big name” managers; Does David Moyes have a chance to compete for the top talent? It is safe to say that Moyes will be given another season at the helm of United but if things don’t start to improve, even “the legend” might not be able to save him.

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