Trust hope for ownership answers within a week

Bucks Free Press: Trust hope for ownership answers within a week

THE Wycombe Wanderers Trust board want potential new owners to make their intentions for the club clear within the next week.

Frustration continued for supporters this week as a company interested in taking a 75 per cent controlling stake in the football club failed to attend the Trust's AGM at Adams Park on Wednesday.

Non-binding heads of terms, paving the way for a takeover, were signed a fortnight ago but since then fans have been left in the dark over the identity of the money men - and what they plan to do to their club.

Trust board member David Cook said it's hoped members will be given a clearer indication on the future of the club within the next week.

He told the Bucks Free Press: "We are continuing dialogue with them, with the aim of getting them to present as quickly as possible. We want them to come back to us within the next week at the latest with a presentation that can be made."

The Trust had hoped to hear from the new party, who cannot be named for legal reasons, at a members' forum last week - but they failed to show then, and at this week's Trust AGM.

Cook said: "The interested party decided they weren't in a position to turn up and present. They want to complete due diligence before they come and present to the Legacy Trust members.

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"It's very frustrating all round of course. It's frustrating to the Trust board, it's frustrating to the employees of the club and it's disappointing to the 900 or so Trust members. All these people are frustrated, so it's important we get the interested party to come to a date they can present."

Meanwhile Cook was one of four retiring Trust Board members to be re-elected at Wednesday's meeting with only one new face, James Sumner, standing for election.

He polled 123 votes, well down on the 193 received by fourth-placed Garry Heath - but Cook admitted it was a shame there weren't more than five people standing for election for four places on the board.

He said: "I think it's a disappointment more people weren't willing to stand.

"There was a point made from the floor [at the AGM] there aren't enough young people, and that's absolutely right. There was a lot of grey hair in the audience and that's something we certainly have to address.

"We need young people who have the energy, passion and the skills to devote some time to serving the Trust board. We have to attract more young people to become Trust members and get them actively involved."

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