Benfica-Académica (antevisão): o mestre e os estudantes


The red hot lead 42 straight games without losing in the Light , in a period of great glow, which allowed them to finish the previous day with the best attack , the best defense and a leading seven points difference for the runner . Still, the Light worried on Thursday . The game with Tottenham will have to serve notice on the team embodied that any devolution can be fatal in a match where coach Jorge Jesus meets his friend Sergio Conceicao , who guided the students when the coach was a player


Students seeking yearned point 30 championship . Has long been defined as a goal, to stay safe from any surprise that the struggle for permanence may hold. The Students are unbeaten in five games and was almost grain by grain that rested in the league . These five , only one won . And attention , conceded just one goal .


The Benfica coach Jorge Jesus: " Sometimes the games seem easier are the hardest , the league is competitive , teams know each other well and the Portuguese coaches are very smart , in my opinion are the best in the world tactical level . The Portuguese coach can do equilibria depending on the tactics of the other team , but we know that we are a strong team , which dismantles many defensive strategies designed well, the quality of the team and individual. Tomorrow [ Sunday ] we played against a young coach who will be a great coach. "

The coach of Académica , Sérgio Conceição : " If pontuarmos have reached our goal of 30 points . We want to continue the good results . We have to be at a high level , not only defensively . When we attack , we have to be very objective and pragmatic , and be attentive to this moment , because if Benfica recovers the ball at that time , the Master Jesus kickback can be fatal . '


Benfica : nothing to report

Academic : Ivanildo (injured )

History clashes

The balance is clearly embodied beings . The Academic only beat Benfica at Luz on four occasions . But it is also true that after breaking fasting for more than 50 years , managed to do it with some frequency . Direct confrontation can see here.

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