The longest day

Η πιο μεγάλη μέρα

Two (2 ) new funds with exact score (Chelsea - Galatasaray 2-0@6.00 & Real - Schalke 3-1@10.00) by S.Betarini ... He's the Bomb of the Day (Crawley@4.21) andthe Over Day (Forest Green - Grimsby@1.90).
He arrived the day waited for all the fans of Olympiacos . Tonight Olympiacos plays the most important event of modern history against Manchester United to qualify for the tournament at 8 . In their statements , both coaches , as expected , was optimistic . Let's briefly look at what you said .....

Mitchell : We need goals

The Reds coach said: "We know very well the situation of the opponent. It is in a delicate balance , but this does not concern us . We want to play well and we do not employ anything else. We want to finish this round so as we started . We would like the game was similar to this experiment but know that Manchester will appear very strong . We want to make a good game , do not want to think what will make the opponent . I believe that we need goals and we must not rest on the outcome of the first fight . Although we have completely opposing interests do not like to see someone my colleague suffer. Manchester has the results he wants , but as a team has been able to bring the results you want . Our players are not afraid of anything. ".

Moyes : We've done it before

Optimistic statements appeared on the coach of Manchester United David Moyes . It said: " Whether you qualify or not exclusively believe that nothing will change , I know my future and the prospect that we want to give to the club. And today we get the result we want . We know that in the 2-0 first leg went wrong things , but I believe in this team and these players . The atmosphere was fantastic as now , the players say they must repay this support to the fans and offer them today one fantastic evening . "

Avraam Papadopoulos : To honor the jersey

"It's a pretty important game for everyone. It is perhaps the most important in recent years . There is anxiety but desire to come fight time . Certainly in the beginning there will be anxiety but will go with the time, we have shown what we deserve and we can go further . We are very happy that we have come this far and it's something important. The team has shown that it has the potential to go . The game lasts ninety minutes . Whether achieve a goal does not mean that the match ends because Manchester has shown that it can overturn any score and we'll do our game from the beginning . What we need to do is to honor the shirt we wear because the power of this group is the world of . We will have a lot of people tomorrow and we want to give them pleasure once again "

It is not easy

The truth is that the work of the Reds is not easy. Can the 2-0 in the first match to be a good legacy for today's match , but Orita state and is the United ceases to be a terror for opponents , especially in Old Trafford . The United is not doing well in the league , but the league is struggling least two classes above ours and therefore any comparisons made ​​are the least misplaced . If you get a goal at first you descend off . Be careful , very patient and calm at the Reds game if you want to escape the qualification from England . The evening continued on screen .........

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