Italian Paper Talk: Juventus Say No To Mario Balotelli, Pursue Alvaro Morata

Mario Balotelli AC Milan

 Brazil panic, hail Cesar.

- Seleçao reach the quarters after 120 minutes of tension.

- Sanchez and Vidal’s Chile play on a par and Pinilla hits the woodwork at the last minute.

- Ex-Inter goalkeeper parries two penalties and becomes a national hero.

- Super Colombia with the Martian James.

- Uruguay go home, on Friday quarter-final with the Seleçao.

- Blatter: ‘Video evidence during games for fouls and penalties’.

- FIFA chief opens to technology, Coaches can call for two replays each, could be operative by 2015.

- Mourinho approves: ‘A great decision for fair football’.

- ‘I agree with anything that will help referees make the right decisions. The spray and goal-line technology also work well’.

- Mazzola wants Rivera as Federation President.

- ‘Gianni is the ideal man to change many things. As for the Coach, Mancini is too expensive, so I say Guidolin’.

- What a struggle for the Under-21s, from 2011 to today only four in the senior squad.

- Thohir confirms Mazzarri: ‘He’s staying with us until 2016’.

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