PSG are a realistic alternative

Dani Alves: “PSG are a realistic alternative

On Monday, Dani Alves skilfully avoided talk of a possible move from Barcelona to PSG after the World Cup in Brazil. When questioned on the subject, the Brazilian said he was aware of the rumours and that PSG are a "realistic alternative".
"PSG are a great team. I love defending great clubs. It has always been my dream. I want to play for clubs who can challenge me. I heard something about this possibility. If I don't stay at Barcelona, it's a realistic alternative for me", Alves said.
However, on Monday, Alves refused to comment on the matter, despite journalists' insistence in asking him if there was a realistic chance he would team up again with his former Barça teammate and friend Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
"Ibrahimovic is a peculiar kind of guy, but I like to share things with him. We have a great relationship. I've invited him to come to the World Cup and enjoy the occasion. If he invited me for lunch, dinner or on a trip I would accept, but I've only invited him to the World Cup in Brazil", he concluded.

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