Gaz Metan Medias (8) - ASC Corona Brasov (18) Tips @ 1


Gaz Metan Medias lost the game at home with ACS Poli Timisoara, in the final match of the 20th round. The hosts remained minutl inferiority since March, when Todea was removed. By the end of the first 45 minutes nothing happened noticeable. No onset of the second part does not announce the end of the game fighting. In 75 minutes Bawaba misses a penalty kick, Nuno Claro rejecting medeseanului shooting. Just three minutes later the hosts got a new penalty. Again the visitors' keeper stands out and saves his team for the second time. If mediesenii reuist not to enroll after two penalties, made a guest in the 87th minute when Nanu reiluat hosts spectacular gate and brought an important victory for Timisoara.

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