The FA should throw the book at Alan Pardew to end the media circus

The FA should throw the book at Alan Pardew to end the media circus

Newcastle United owner and Sports Direct tycoon Mike Ashley can expect a windfall of free advertising this week as Magpies manager Alan Pardew will face an FA firing squad for his touchline tête-à-tête.

Television cameras caught the technical area action from multiple angles but the bad tempered manager still had to formally accept his charge of improper conduct.

Pardew has requested a personal hearing, not surprising bearing in mind his long list of previous misdemeanours, and will be represented by a top barrister.

The manager’s attempt to throw money at a QC barrister in a bid to avoid a heavier sentence doesn’t exactly reinforce the remorseful figure seen apologising for the loss of control in the wake of the Hull game.

Whatever happens it will have been an expensive fortnight for the forthright Magpies manager following his £100,000 fine from the club hours after the full time whistle.

It is claimed the club will stand by Pardew regardless of the outcome of Tuesday’s trial but it will be interesting to see, firstly, what punishment the FA deem appropriate and what impact that will have on Newcastle United.

Pardew’s unprecedented behaviour is likely to see him hit an equally exceptional sentence and the case is already being treated as ‘non standard’.

A touchline ban doesn’t really seem appropriate as Pardew will still be able to prepare the team for any upcoming fixtures and no doubt communicate with his assistant from the stands. It certainly won’t hit the Toon as hard as losing a key player for any period of time would.

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