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Hours 22:55 - We talk with the insistence of a mini retreat for Padua after Saturday's game with the view of the Citadel in midweek with Juve Stabia
22.00 - From its official website, the Modena express their thoughts regarding the Law on the stages : " The Modena Football Club takes note of the statements by Deputy Prime Minister Angelino Alfano, who proposed to facilitate the task of the football club and to provide them with a new stadium or stadiums with modern features that can be a point of reference and aggregation of the city with the goal of bringing Italy to the level of the rest of Europe. The company canary is happy that our government has noticed that the distance from the other countries of Europe is now unbridgeable. Requests that the time from Modena brings forward as a priority project of the company is no longer a fact but very local but a requirement nazionale.Il Modena therefore hopes that local authorities should take note of these basic needs in order to avoid that in the coming months is forced to have to play on alternate fields due to the unavailability of our plants . In addition, the prolonged bureaucratic procedures did not allow yet to be able to perform tasks for the construction of two new training camps already approved by the City Council . The Modena also noted the continuing requirements submitted by the Fire Department that repeatedly detect the level is not in accordance with the stadium Braglia . Every game for us then becomes a precarious and at this point it is necessary to arrange in a short time to remove these impediments . "
20.50 - Interviewed by Sicilpress24 , the former coach of Brescia , Sampdoria and Lecce , Alberto Cavasin , spoke mostly in Serie B , stating : "There are mathematical points , but the league has it in his pocket. The team is solid , has a staff important. E ' was built to win. It now has an important classification , an important step. They miss the point , but the certainty I think we can compare to that of Juve in Serie B Championship mediocre ? I do not think it is. I do not see why. I have seen many games this year , all races of a good standard . The teams that are at the top all have good organic and well-prepared under the tactical aspect . There are quality players . Is not a league lower than that of recent years . "
20.00 - LAUNCH - The S.S. Virtus Lanciano 1924 announced that it has hired Daniel Ficagna defender born in 1981 , who a few days training with the rest of the rose. For him the contract until June. The technical Baroni does not want to leave anything to chance , the experience of the boy would serve as the final season , the playoffs remain a concrete goal but the Abruzzi are now second in the standings with Empoli : dreaming direct promotion is not utopia .
Hours 19:35 - ( Calcio Padova ) continues its advance during the match Padova - Cittadella on Saturday, March 22 ( kick-off at 15:00 ) , at a cost of only 1 euro for the coupons from all sectors ( including guests curve ), while remains unchanged the price of tickets Armchairs North and South fans grenade will not need the fan Card to enter the stadium and the Euganean can purchase tickets sectors Curva Nord and West Stand . The presale ends at 12.00 on Saturday, March 22 . Admission tickets can be purchased either online on the portal that the point of sale Ticketone the province of Padua . To encourage even more fans biancoscudati , tickets for 1 euro may also be purchased at the Ticketing South Euganeo Stadium on Thursday 20 and Friday 21 from 15.15 to 18.30 . On race day ticket Euganeo Stadium will open at 13.30 , practicing discounted prices by more than 50 % except in areas Armchairs North and South West Stand 15 EUR single price , Tribune South West 10 EUR single price , Tribune East 10 euro price single , Stand Factors price only € 5 , € 5 North Bend Visitors single price
19.25 - 1852 coupons are detached so far for the important match on Saturday # PadovaCittadella . The sales trend is now higher than that of the match against Empoli which he eventually did record 8218 spectators , in Sector Curve guests were about 50 tickets sold so far .
18:50 - (As Citadel ) Open the presales for the race on Tuesday, March 25 at the Stadium of Tombolato Citadel. It will be possible to buy tickets for the midweek Citadel - Brescia ( 20.30 ) by Ticketone until 19.00 on Monday, March 24th or at our office in Via Ca ' From Pase 41 / b with 9-12.30 and 15:00 to 18:30 hours . Saturday, March 22 the office will also be open in the morning from 9.00 to 12.00 . On Tuesday evening box office open from 18.45 . Tickets for the away section ( Curva Nord ) are available only through Ticketone at the price of 11,00 € (plus sp) with the Fan Card , up to 19.00 on Monday, 24 March. The A . S. Citadel does not adhere to the " Bring a Friend to the Stadium ."
Hours 18.40 - Here Bresseo : hypothesis of formation for the derby . Vinicius to the confirmation on the left wing , right between runoff and Almici Ceccarelli , both not in top condition . In midfield, The House could unseat one of Cuffa and Musacci for confirmation before the trident Improta - Vantaggiato - Melchiorri
18.15 - ( Legaserieb ) Panini provides digital soccer match report of the 30th matchday of Serie B Eurobet , the ninth of the second round : attendance , minutes, and goals scored by each player , and the performance statistics of the teams and athletes for possession , shots , balls played , successful passes , territorial supremacy , protection of the attack coming and percentage of dangerousness. So recordmen for assists, shots and goals . Everything from race to race on
17.40 - Angelo Rea , defender of Varese, Tuttomercatoweb : "In the first half we had 2:00 to 3:00 occasions to take the lead and we could not score , then they made their goal and it is not our reaction ." Rea explains that it is not lack of aggression , but that is mostly a negative period : "In the end the team has always trained well, there are experienced players who have malice. This is only a negative and unfortunate period we are going through , even if the actual Sabbath is not evil . " The player of Varese explains how he sees the game on Friday : " Very difficult because we face one of the fittest teams in the tournament, we hope to return to Trapani with the important points ." Rea also talks about the performance of the newly promoted : " I honestly do not happen often, they are reinforced by the newly promoted immediately buying good players for the category, strong elements for this championship."
17.20 - ( Legaserieb ) SERIES RECORD B PALERMO / MILAN - ' Palermo the third best of all time, after that of Gyula Feldmann in the season 1931/32 and Rigotti Carlo in 1955/56 . The statistics, published today by the Corriere dello Sport , is a credit to the season Iachini and Gattuso , placing the Palermo 2013/14 on the bottom step of the podium in the 42 seasons played by rosanero the Cadets . 56 points , with 16 wins , eight draws and five defeats with an average of 1.93 points per game. As stated in the first place the technical Hungarian , who led the Palermo for three seasons and landed in Serie A season 1931/32 he scored the current record of 62 points (recalculated with the current three to win) . In second place Rigotti Palermo coach in a single season, 1955/56 , it gets to the end of season promotion behind Udinese . Only tenths Baldini and Guidolin which, however, must be the absolute primacy in ranking points earned at year-end : 83 . Palermo have 9 points ahead of runner-up , the couple Empoli Virtus Lanciano . And ' record equaled at this point of the season, when the Series B assigns three points for victory , from 1994/95 : that year, the Piacenza was the 29th league leaders with Udinese +9 .
17.00 - Here Bresseo : Ends workout.
16.50 - Andrea Paolucci, midfielder Citadel , spoke to the microphones of Sportelevision ( digital terrestrial channel 193 ) to talk about the derby on Saturday : "There will be a large audience - he explains - and it will be nice to play in front of so many people. Never before this match was so decisive , we are both in a bad situation classification and none of us can afford to make mistakes. " Paolucci also speaks of his physical condition : "Over the past two days I have done a little ' anti-fatigue working to introduce the best for Saturday's game . I have no problem , I'll be there for sure. If we come out of the crisis we'll know soon , still is not the time to say that we pulled out of trouble, even though the victory with the Carpi was important. " The rest of the interview to 19 during Sportelevision news
16.20 - Here Bresseo : absent Kelic and Feczesin that should have been called on federal prosecutors to testify about the case mesh . Differentiated work for Osuji and Jeleniec regularly in group Ceccarelli and Almici
16.00 - A follow personally the operation of the payment of monthly salaries of September and October , the delay resulted in the referral of Cesena Calcio by the supervisory bodies of the FIGC , was the vice - president Mauro Urbini that on the forum Cesenainbolgia explains: "It ' been a problem of currency between banks and non- financial resources because the factoring transaction was made in due time , the proof is that the following morning at 10 everything has been paid , formally with about 12 hours delay .
The banking operation was done in two parts (salaries and fees) for the first part is all shot at the right time and with the right currency for the second instead of giving the currency of the day of payment was given to the currency of the (next day the payment was seen in the morning at terminal 10). Unfortunately in some sums everything travels electronically , and the bank account with the dedicated not seeing the operation in the computer system did not give the right currency . Also, and not least, the manager of the bank where he came from realizing the transfer of the delay had communicated by telephone with the beneficiary bank confirming that the transaction had been made in due time , but the official receiver had a formal attitude and is expected to see all at the terminal.
It seems - he concluded Urbini - there are precedents in league with other teams with delays so limited that no penalties were given , we'll see . "
15:40 - ( Corriere dello Sport) BARI - There will be no delay in the evaluation of the assets of Bari , step preparatory to the auction to be held on a regular basis by the end of April. Meanwhile , in exactly ten days , Venetians and Luke Dominic Tria , technical consultants appointed ex officio by the Court of Bari, deliver you to the judge delegate , Anna De Simone , property valuation company sports Bari , which went bankrupt last month after the delivery of books in court . The final deadline was set for March 28 so that we can get at auction by the end of April. "We are working tirelessly to acquire all the cards useful for the definition of the heritage of the old society ," stressed the two consultants.
15:10 - ( ALLB ) Almici Alberto and Luca Ceccarelli of Padua are fully recovered and Michele Serena will be able to deploy them in the field for the match on Saturday against the Citadel . The two defendants have fully recovered yesterday , but today they are back in the group and also Mazzoni Cuffa . Currently the only unavailable for technical biancoscudati will be Di Matteo, Jeleniec , Feczesin and Osuji . Padova well as the recovery and injuries must also take care of their fans , in fact, because of an ignition curve guests to smoke in Varese , the company will have to pay a fine of 1,000 Euros .
14.50 - The Lancaster has officially announced the signing of defender Daniel Ficagna , 33 years. The former Cesena and Siena (which for some days he trained with the team ) comes from free transfer and has signed a contract until the end of the season.
14.20 - ( ALLB ) We can say that the Playoffs are your goal? "Initially, our goal was to save us without suffering. Then things went well and at this time , since the salvation we have almost reached, the goal is to get in the top eight . " And the Series A believe us? "We have never even thought of the Serie A. At this time we would like to participate in the Playoffs, but the Serie A we never thought of. Among the young people who are distinguishing themselves in your league, there are Krajnc and Defrel . Have you received any proposal for these players ? "Now it is early to talk about it. I do find it hard to discuss the market when we are in full work , let alone today , missing months at the market. We are pleased with these guys , they live the ups and downs , but young people are interesting , not only the two mentioned above, but also others. Suffice it to say that at times in the field we have three players in the contemporary class '94 , which makes us happy. They talk about the present of these players , not the future, because I damage the only time we are going through . " How do you comment the Serie B, in particular with respect to the amazing results that the newly promoted teams are getting ? "It ' a particular league . The newly promoted always try to give continuity to the results , even Cesena , years ago , always with Bisoli , went from C to B, until you get to the series A. The same thing could happen to some newly promoted this year. It ' a score of series B , it is often because the cadet championship is long, especially , has to have a great team and a great desire to do well. Coming from Pro League, which often has the same team that won the previous year , plus maybe some graft important , many times it remains among the top places and caresses the dream promotion. And ' one thing that can happen to a newly promoted . "
14.10 - (All B) With a single point scored in the last three races and the pressure of Siena , closer and closer in the standings, Cesena is experiencing a moment of slight decline , in a league generally positive so far . We talked exclusively with the technical director of the club Romagna , Rino Foschi, who also commented on the referral immediately by the company for the delay in payment of wages. " Personally, I am in charge of the technical part , so that these situations do not even have to touch me . The reasons for the mistake in question has already explained them now . " Only one point from their last three games for Cesena , what is not working ? "In the last two weeks we went to play on hard courts , Siena and Pescara , is not that we had easy games . Surely there is some injured more, it is a time a bit 'special , but they are quiet, because we are among the top eight in the league. We are in line with our goals . There are still a lot of games and we are perfectly in time to recover some point and do better. " From what divided , in view of the upcoming races? "We must not leave, we need to finish what we started better at the beginning of the season. We already left, and we have done well so far. We , yes, lost a few points , but now we just have to continue to have a march by ranking high . " The bench Bisoli therefore remains steadfast ? "But of course , this question would not even have to do, for us as we work to Cesena. We're fine , the technician is doing well , I do not see why it should take the risk. Evidently this is a fashion to exempt the coaches , but I assure you that here in Cesena is not . "
13.45 - Mazzoni : "Juve Stabia ? Before the Citadel and then decide what to Juve Stabia. They lingered , but it will give us nothing "
Hours 13.44 - Mazzoni , "I leader of the team? I do not have to be the one to say , I will try to give my contribution . At this time needed to do the simple things , is the starting point for the future "
Hours 13:42 - Mazzoni : " In Varese, we played a great game, but it must be only the first step. The Citadel has our same points , a draw at this time does not help anyone , we should try to win in front of our audience "
Hours 13.40 - Mazzoni , " The worst is behind us ? Appearance to say, if the league ended today we would be relegated to where it is clear that we have done something wrong too. Need further confirmation, we have these two games against the Citadel and Juve Stabia , expect to see if the team has learned its lesson "
Hours 13:38 - Arrive Mazzoni
13:10 - ( Gazzettino ) In the stands of course there will also be his colleague Andrea Gabrielli grenade . " We know each other , I have great respect for his person and for the Citadel. The company grenade you can not say anything, except that it is an example of the seriousness of football and done well. It's a small square that has done great things . " Getting back to business biancoscudati , Michele Serena seems to have struck a chord and the team gave encouraging signs in the latest releases . It's a little ' sorry for not calling him before? " All the choices have to be contextualized at the time in which they are made, with the benefit of hindsight we'd all be good and Waterloo Napoleon because there would have been if they would have stayed at home. We are acting choices that reputavamo same right and do not deny . Serena is doing well and is responding to the expectations . " The hope of course is that the Padua conquer salvation, but in the unfortunate event that the situation does not evolve in the right direction have already examined the negative option ? " We are watching and we are focused on the current situation ."
13.00 - ( Gazzettino ) will be the first derby Diego Penocchio as president of Padua all'Euganeo . And not just any derby , given the importance of the door prize . The owner lives in this biancoscudato eve unleashing an iron aplomb . " All games are important because they are worth three points, and then have some of the background a bit ' more details and this has the flavor of the derby. Besides, we both are at the same level in the standings, then a fortiori there are grounds for a challenge . " Penocchio not want to hear about derby fratricide . " We do not do the de profundis ahead of time to anyone , I hope both teams can raise . Clear that Sabbath is a step that can go up or down , but there are many more still to do. " Imagine that in a hypothetical coupon would play the character " 1 fixed ." " For me yes (smiles , ed.) It is also the slogan of the initiative with tickets to a euro for the fans, we hope you come back the syllogism . " In this regard, we expect a large turnout in the stands . "I would always see the stadium full of people who come to have fun and cheer . Football should be a sport that gives joy and helps to defuse the tensions of the week. "
12:50 pm - ( Gazzettino ) PADUA . Mazzoni , Almici , Ceccarelli and Cuffa have trained with his teammates in the afternoon session focused on the equalizer to match with three doors , situations of attack and defense with five on five ports in midfield which gave "shoulders " , and match up the middle field . The pits Di Matteo , apart Osuji , Jeleniec and Feczesin . The judge fined the club with a fine of one thousand euro "to get his supporters to the 39 ' of the first half lit a smoke bomb in their field ." FEDERAL ATTORNEY . After Serena Rocchi , Nocchi , Iori , sportif Valentini and team manager Caligiuri , who were heard last week, is now scheduled for another round of auditions for the biancoscudati in the investigation opened by federal prosecutors to the story of the meshes leave the ground at the request of the ultras after the defeat in Latin America.
12.40 - ( Gazzettino ) PADUA , THE RULE OF THREE . Three consecutive positive results , three points taken home dalll'Ossola three goals scored in Varese , just like the first leg. The biancoscudati have thus returned to Lombard received the blows in recent times in their home where their last three games had always suffered three networks , starting from the second leg of the playoffs of 2011 which ended 3-3 , however, gave the final promotion with Novara. Worse went two seasons ago ( ko 3-0 ) and in the past the tournament ( same result) . Three goals in the rump as well at the last match won away in the 2002-03 season , but on that occasion he scored four Padua . For biancoscudati This is the second win season (the other in Cesena ) and the first ever with more than one goal . To find a successful three -goal should be to return to the 2011-12 championship with a 3-0 victory over Gubbio and useless before , for a change , with a 4-1 victory at the Citadel. To Vantaggiato , finally , is the first double of the season .
12.30 - ( Gazzettino ) CITADEL, THE LAW OF 1 -0 . Five victories so far obtained from the grenade, all acquired with the same result , including those away in Carpi and Empoli , ultimate success in absolute dating back to December 26. There are , therefore, took eight races - six defeats and two draws - to find the three points. Even longer fasting home and come back here in the appeals dance historians since the last time the Citadel had feasted Tombolato was just at the expense of Padua in the derby on 13 October . Di Gennaro has kept a clean sheet after eight games in which he had always suffered networks . In general, only eight races have seen this happen again since . Five times , finally, the grenade had made ​​more than one goal , but never more than two.
12.20 - ( Gazzettino ) are 956 tickets already detached Padova- Cittadella scheduled for Saturday at 15 all'Euganeo . The coupons for all sectors can be purchased in advance at a cost of 1 euro , will remain unchanged while the price of the tickets for the seats north and south. Fans of the Citadel will not need the card 's fan will be able to enter the stadium and buy tickets curve of the areas north and west grandstand . Until Saturday at 12 coupons can be purchased at , selling points Ticketone of Padua, and to the south of the stadium ticket office tomorrow and Friday ( 15:15 to 18:30 ) . COORDINATION CENTER CLUB GRENADE . Is mobilizing to organize the trip all'Euganeo : bus and entrance to the stadium at a cost of 10 Euros . Registration is open until Friday at 13 to fruit by Lena and the Stadium Bar . Upon enrollment, you need to give personal data with date and place of birth ( in case you face the entry for third parties) and pay the cost of 10 Euros . On Saturday, the bus will leave at 13 by the square of the Tombolato .
12.10 - ( Gazzettino ) CITADEL . Sitting directed almost entirely by the Deputy Giacomin . Foscarini , Marchetti and Pellizzer arrived towards the end of the session, given that attended the meeting with the referees at Coverciano : Pellizzer stopped as long as the companions completing the training. They returned to train in group De Leidi and Piscitella , with the latter missed the final match . Still differentiated by Paolucci . The judge has made official one-match ban for Surraco Busellato and Alborno .
12.00 - ( Gazzettino ) Saturday the former biancoscudato find a different reality than the period in which he played . "They've changed almost all the players , including my former teammates greet Cuffa and Jeleniec , the only ones who are left ." On the importance of the match ideas are clear. "It's a direct clash for salvation , so both teams will aim at making their own the entire stake . For us it is essential to follow up the victory over the Carpi . We need a Filotto useful results to attain salvation , so we want to make all'Euganeo points. Each game will become by the end of the season more and more important because the clock is ticking. The Padova has a good level of organic and comes from the 3-0 win in Varese , so will the moral to the stars, but also we get a win and we are determined to confirm . Will be crucial to take the field with the right spirit . "
11:50 - ( Gazzettino ) William Jidayi is the former shift in the Citadel, while among the biancoscudati there are Manuel Iori and John House . The midfielder grenade has an indelible memory of his experience Padua and return all'Euganeo will be a big thrill for him . It tells the player of Nigerian origin : "I have worn the jersey of Padua for three and a half years , a long period in the career of a football player , so I was able to gather a lot of satisfaction ranging from promotion to Serie B for the playoffs for the series A. They are emotions that remain in the memories , even though now I defend a different shirt on the field and I will work exclusively for the team in which they are currently affiliated . " Jidayi all'Euganeo has already played an opponent with the shirt of Juve Stabia. «Back to where you've experienced an important period of your career always arouses a certain emotion , but just before the whistle of the referee during the game because the concentration should be exclusively for the game that you need to do , so they disappear all the sentimentality attached to the past ."
11.30 - The protagonist of today's press conference - scheduled at 13.30 to PadovaStore - will be Luca Mazzoni.
11:10 - These are some excerpts from the editorial that appeared in " Il Mattino di Padova " entitled " We played much. Serena is more tense by Foscarini " signed by Stephen Edel : " It's more tense Michele Serena Claudio Foscarini , there is no doubt . The televised debate between the two, staged in Tv7 Triveneta Monday night, in the transmission of Giorgio Borile , was enlightening in this regard . Common belief of both, as we pointed out in these columns the other day : if the derby between Padua and Citadel were to conclude in a tie, the point would be little or nothing to one than to another. It is the victory that counts, to try to recover more ground against the Novara quint'ultimo , the only opponent to biancoscudati above and grenade right now affordable because relatively close distance , and why, with all three points , self-esteem lieviterebbe considerably that of the contenders who would benefit . Yeah, but to earn the entire stake , in a challenge at such a high emotional content, practically nothing you can not go wrong . Like it or not , the label stuck to the derby Padua is " critical race " for the future . The reason is simple : it could mark the turning of a troubled season so far . [...] Serena formal notice, and does it well, Foscarini while it seemed better understood , partly because the challenges with the " cousins ​​" were often interpreted by her with the right attitude , prepared to leave nothing to chance. And you will see that it will be so well this time , in spite of the suspensions (four players out ) and the condition is not optimal for someone else. Prepare to live other than a Saturday , if typhoid Padua has tended always a little ' snubbed duels with the grenade , the derby goes now faced with the idea of ​​being in front of a real or near- final between desperate . On and off the challenge worth double . "
11.00 - ( Mattino di Padova ) That the Citadel feels particularly this game is highlighted by the challenges addressed to the last minute , when the grenade , perhaps due to too much tension , they lost points already felt in his pocket. And in this case the story has been repeated often. Since 2002 , with Pietranera that detonates the Euganean scoring the 3-2 at 90 ' , to draw snatched from the Statute Tombolato 86 ' in 2005 , through the Bovo -gasp goal in the 2-1 win in 2010. Grenade into the house to remember the "pearl" of De Gasperi to the 2-1 in 2003 , although the true specialist Andrea Raimondi , who with a formidable one-two in the final minutes of the first leg of last season gave it to one of the Padua the most exciting derby .
10:50 - ( Mattino di Padova ) for the Citadel, which has conquered the Euganean in the league only once and never in series B (17 September 2006 goal of Field) , the only victory with more than one goal back to March 14, 2011 , a 3-1 decision by the two goals and the goals of Piovaccari Nassi and Vantaggiato . Just that defeat marked the exemption from the heats of giuida biancoscudati , if only after a derby . But it is precisely on the bench you will notice the distinct difference between the two companies. The City , in 16 years, has faced the derby with just three different coaches : Glerean ( the only one to have coached both Padua ) , Maran and Foscarini . The Padua , including Serena, with fifteen ! The draw was richer than last season, 3-3 at the Citadel, where Totò Di Nardo sign a shotgun. Di Nardo is the only player to have scored in the derby with both meshes , since he had already clocked in biancoscudato , 2-2 in 2010.
10.40 - ( Mattino di Padova ) The most tense, most important, the most crucial . The derby next Saturday will be a unique event in the history of the challenges between Padua and the Citadel. Never , in fact , the two teams had played a stakes so high. Never had come to direct confrontation on equal points and never ninety minutes had been a vital crossroads for the fate of an entire season .

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