Steve McNulty & The Ramble Forum: The Scales of Justice


When Footballers Get Fat’ is a typical Football Ramble Forum thread. Started by Sadface a mere thirty-six hours ago, it is academic in function - examining the trend for football players to gain weight after their playing career is over, using photography as its principle medium.
Already, the likes Alan Brazil, Micky Quinn and Neil Shipperley have been cited as examples of this phenomenon, but it’s only when attention turns to Luton’s Player of the Season, Steve McNulty, that the true nature of the Rambler is revealed.

Unlike most of the examples on the list, Steve McNulty still plays, but like Ade Akinfenwa, somehow manages to do so while apparently consuming enough food to sustain an army unit on extended manoeuvres.
But as arbiters of fairness and truth the Ramble Forum-ites would not ask whether a man had genuinely won the Player of the Year award or simply eaten it to prevent anyone else getting hold of it, without drawing attention to his talents too.
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